Monday, April 25, 2016

Weekly Report 7 - Famous Arab-Americans

History has shown that the Arabs and spread of Islam has greatly contributed to civilization with their developments of the maths and sciences, but their legacy still continues into the modern day world. One Arab-American, Mostafa El-Sayed, has continued to make contributions to the field of sciences as a chemical physicist. Born in 1933, El-Sayed studied at the Ain Shams University of Cario and receiving a Bachelors of Science. He went on to the receive his Ph.D at Florida State University, and afterwards researching at other institutions, such as Harvard University, Yale University, and California Institute of Technology. His research has contributed to immensely to the field of chemistry research, such as using ultra fast laser spectroscopy to examine the energy conversion between molecules of solids and also has a spectroscopy rule named after him, the El-Sayed Rule. His experiments has been known for the development of the gold nanorod technology and has over 500 publications in referred journals in his respective field.
For his groundbreaking work, El-Sayed has won numerous awards for his contributions to the sciences, most notably when he was elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 1980 and was awarded the Un National Medal of Science in 2007 for his seminal and creative contributions to our understanding of the electronic and optical properties of nonmaterials and to their applications to nanocatalysis and nanomedicine, for his humanitarian efforts of exchange among countries and for his role in developing the scientific leadership of tomorrow."

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